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 A Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (TLAM) is launched from the guided missile cruiser USS Cape St. George.

Advanced Missiles and Torpedoes

The muscle behind the mission

They’re liquid-propelled, laser-guided and sophisticated enough to use satellite data to reprogram themselves in-motion. The weapon systems in America’s Navy use some of the most sophisticated missiles and torpedoes on the planet. Whether fired from the surface or under the water, they increase the Navy’s ability to carry out missions safely and effectively.

The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Barry (DDG 52) launches a Tomahawk cruise missile to support Joint Task Force Odyssey Dawn.
Tomahawk® Cruise Missile
Long-Range Striking Power

The Tomahawk is the backbone of the Navy's missile weapons. Found in many classes of ships from Cruisers to Submarines, they can carry multiple types of warheads to complete all kinds of missions. Their reach and accuracy is legendary, taking out land targets from far out at sea with minimal risk to Navy personnel.  

Get specs and tech on the Tomahawk Cruise Missile.

Sailors aboard the Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine USS Oklahoma City (SSN 723) assist during a torpedo offload at the start their continuous maintenance availability.
MK 48 Heavyweight Torpedo
A Fish That Puts Up a Fight

Torpedoes are often referred to as "fish," and the Mark 48 is a whopper. It's the primary anti-ship and anti-submarine weapon aboard attack, ballistic missile and guided missile submarines. Self-propelled and guided, it glides through the water effortlessly, seeking targets and detonating on contact or proximity. The Mark 48 carries up to 650 pounds of high explosive, powerful enough to sink subs and large surface ships.

Get specs and tech on the MK 48 Heavyweight Torpedo.

A Standard Missile-3 (SM-3) is launched from the Aegis cruiser USS Lake Erie (CG 70) as part of the Missile Defense Agency's latest Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) test to defeat a medium range ballistic missile threat.
Aegis Weapons System
Detect, Locate, Destroy

Sailors breathe a little easier knowing that the Aegis System is always on watch. It's a complete system of simultaneous detection, guidance and counterattack. When enemy ships, aircraft, subs or missiles threaten the fleet, the AN/SPY-1 phased-array radar detects the threat before it closes. Sophisticated tracking systems automatically acquire the target and then launch the proper response weapon to the threat.

It's so powerful that it can detect, track and deal with more than 100 targets at a time. The Navy is increasing the amount of ships with the Aegis Weapon System (AWS) and Aegis Combat System (ACS) — a modernization effort that will extend service life and increase capability on our destroyers and cruisers.

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