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Look through the latest assets and gain a better understanding of how the Navy operates. Get images related to Navy life, equipment and technology. Watch videos to catch a glimpse of the day-to-day life of Navy Sailors. And listen to podcasts about Navy careers. These resources are readily available to you from America's Navy.

Lt. Ina Miranda

Lt. Ina Miranda is an engineering Officer in the Civil Engineer Corps, which manages construction projects all over the world for the United States Navy. Check out this podcast from someone who has broadened her horizons with a career in the Navy Civil Engineer Corps.

Family of a Navy Nuclear Officer (Spanish)

Family of a Navy Nuclear Officer (English)

CDR. Sandra Ray

CDR. Sandra Ray appreciates the opportunity to treat “U.S. heroes” as a Dental Officer in the United States Navy. Check out this podcast from a leading dental officer who has benefited from both the career and scholarship opportunities that are available in the Navy Dental Corps.

CAPT. Robert Trevino

CAPT. Robert Trevino is an aerospace engineer at the NASA Johnson Space Center who also serves in the U.S. Navy Reserve. Check out the podcast from this mentor who loves to share his passion for Navy STEM opportunities with students who are looking for a challenging and exciting career.

CAPT Barbara J. Drobina - Force Medical Officer

CAPT Barbara J. Drobina is a leading physician in the U.S. Navy who serves as the Force Medical Officer for Naval Special Warfare. CAPT Drobina discusses the key role Navy Medicine plays in ensuring that elite warriors like Navy SEALs are mission-ready.