Broaden your horizon at bases, ports and centers around the world Navy Locations

Whether it’s the areas you’ll travel to for training, the destinations you’ll visit while deployed or the locales that you’ll work out of and call home, the Navy will take you places others only dream of going. Expanding your boundaries. Enhancing your experiences. Opening you up to a whole new world.

Today, America’s Navy is actively engaged, with more than 50,000 men and women deployed around the world.

Many say the best part about being in the Navy is the opportunity to visit other parts of the globe. Here’s your chance to see the world, whether you’re 500 miles from home or 5,000, for little or no cost.

Whether you’re stationed at the world’s largest Naval Station and homeport of the Navy’s Atlantic fleet (Naval Station Norfolk) or at the 40-acre Naval Support Activity (NSA) Orlando base, life on a base or homeport is not that much different from civilian life.

Want to see the world? Check out the list of exciting ports of call across the globe, like Alexandria, Egypt; Rio de Janeiro; or Misawa, Japan, where you could find yourself as a member of America’s Navy.

Naval Training Centers are located across the country, from the Center for Submarine Learning in the colonial Groton, Connecticut, to the Center for Surface Operations near San Diego, California, home of the famous zoo.

Navy Health Care is administered from medical centers, clinics, hospitals, ships, training centers and mobile humanitarian relief stations across the U.S. and throughout the world.

It’s a big world. Come and explore it.