Families & Advisors

“I’m just looking out for my family.” “I just want what’s best for my students.” These are common thoughts that we hear loud and clear. Whether you’re a parent, mentor or advisor, you want to help the young adults looking up to you to make smart decisions about their futures. And when it comes to consideration of America’s Navy, we want to make sure that you too have the background and understanding you need to feel informed.

This section is designed to give you knowledge of what awaits your child or students in the Navy. There’s straightforward information about everything from Navy life to Navy career advantages to Navy educational opportunities. There are helpful tips on how to advise a young person interested in pursuing this path. And then there’s NAVYForMoms.com – the place where you can interact with those who already have a son or daughter in the Navy.

Time spent here is proof-positive that the decision to join America’s Navy can be one of the most significant, life-changing choices your son, daughter or student will ever make – personally and professionally.