Staff and administrative work that’s not your typical office job Office & Administrative Support

Being a staff or office administrator doesn’t necessarily have to mean being office-bound. If you love working with people and are skilled at managing, organizing and providing support, but your goals reach beyond a typical business setting, you have an intriguing career option in America’s Navy.

Job Description / Work Environment

Even if you have yet to earn a college degree, you could become an administrator in the Navy, helping to manage and organize the lives of servicemembers in the Navy. And you could do it working on the world’s most powerful seagoing vessels throughout the world.

Specific Responsibilities

An administrative position with America’s Navy puts you at the heart of Navy operations, with duties that may include:

  • Providing individual guidance and counseling about rights and benefits, career path options, promotion requirements, and educational opportunities
  • Supporting Chaplains of all faiths and providing religious support or advice on personal hardships and family matters, operating and managing religious ministry facilities on shore or at sea, and assisting in the preparation of devotional and religious educational materials
  • Interviewing personnel and administering tests
  • Preparing subpoenas and powers of attorney, processing appeals and investigating claims, scheduling courtrooms, and notifying people involved
  • Scheduling and issuing aircraft inspections and work orders, and maintaining aircraft and engine logbooks and associated records
  • Operating personal computers, word processors, duplicating machines, audio-recording devices and other office machines
  • Maintaining personnel, legal and administrative records; writing official letters, reports and correspondence; and providing clerical assistance

You’ll receive on-the-job training and formal Navy schooling to prepare you for these responsibilities. Advanced technical and operational training may also be available.

Education Opportunities

Most of the training in the administrative field directly translates to credit at colleges and universities. Individual instruction is available in some areas, and Sailors qualified in the Navy Legal field may have the opportunity to attend the Naval Justice School. Continued college education may also be available through the Navy College Program.

After the Navy

Navy Administrators emerge with training and experience that qualifies them for countless careers in both the civilian sector and the Navy, including:

  • Aircraft log clerk
  • Legal assistant
  • Legal researcher
  • Computer operator
  • Office manager
  • Career counselor
  • Human resources specialist
  • Office administrator
  • Legal secretary
  • Administrative assistant
  • Church business administrator or religious facilities manager

Consider Your Service Options.

There are different ways that you can commit to serve in America's Navy. Besides full-time opportunities in Active Duty, part-time Reserve positions are also available in this career area.