When I heard the call of God… Chaplain Curtis

I dreamed of a congregation that drew people together from “every tribe and tongue” and that proclaimed hope in the face of despair.

I opened my eyes in Afghanistan. The light was filtered through dust storms instead of stained glass, and the cathedral was a mere tent; but the majesty of worship rose with our voices – and the grace of God was palpable. The congregation was small, but it was broader in race and culture than any I’d preached to before.

There in the front was a young man I had baptized in Iraq. Behind him was a woman afraid for her family at home. We prayed for our sisters and brothers, and we prayed for the “everyday” struggles of ourselves and our families. In the face of despair, we proclaimed hope; and in my heart, a dream was fulfilled.

Chaplain Daniel Curtis, U.S. Navy

Daniel Curtis, LT, CHC, USN

Chaplain Curtis entered Navy chaplaincy in 2007 after 17 years of civilian ministry with the United Methodist Church. Raised in upstate New York and having ministered in New York, Vermont and Ohio, he is currently assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion SEVEN.

Chaplain Curtis and his family make their home in Gulfport, MS. The Navy has also given him the opportunity to minister in Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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