A ministry that touches deeply Chaplain Mueller

Each Navy Chaplain is motivated by his or her own sense of calling. For me, it wasn’t thunderbolts or lightning, but a gradual process. Over the years in my civilian ministry, I saw a lot of band-aid ministry – but it was difficult to effect any real change in people’s lives.

In the Navy, that all changes. Sailors and Marines are looking for real guidance, searching for that higher sense of spirituality. They’re ready for their souls to be truly touched.

Navy Chaplains are surgeons of the soul – even more so than a civilian minister. And the potential to save lives is immeasurable.

Chaplain Michael Mueller, U.S. Navy

Michael G. Mueller, CDR, Chaplain Corps, USN

Chaplain Mueller was ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 1985 for the Diocese of Orlando, FL. As a civilian, he was a founding senior chaplain for the sheriff’s office in Orange County, FL.

He received his commission in the United States Navy in 1991, and since then has had extensive experience serving Sailors and Marines both overseas and on bases stateside.

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