Inside the Navy

What’s life like on a military base? On a ship? Can I have a tattoo? Will I have any downtime? Do Navy women have the same opportunities as Navy men? Whoever you are, you probably have lots of questions about what life is like in the Navy. Here’s where you can get some answers.

This section offers an inside look at what it’s like to live and work in America’s Navy. Learn everything from how you’ll dress and care for yourself to how you and your family might spend time when you’re off-duty. Boot Camp, training, living arrangements, base amenities, grooming, free-time activities – it’s all covered.

In some ways, Navy life is like nothing else. In others, it’s much like everyday life anywhere. See what it’s all about. From the standpoint of those serving. From the perspective of members from diverse backgrounds. And from the vantage point of life beyond the Navy.