“Our Nation is diverse; our Navy must be no less so. When we recognize and capitalize on the strength that diversity brings to the Navy, we are better able to develop new ideas and reach out to partners around the world. America’s greatest asset is not our assembly lines or weapons systems, or even our great ships, submarines, and airplanes... it’s our people.”

Vice Admiral Harry B. Harris, Jr., Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Being part of America’s Navy means being a powerful reflection of what America is today. While we live in a society composed of diverse cultures, backgrounds and beliefs, we are united by our belief that motivation and determination will lead to success. America’s Navy strives to be a place where individuals can attain leadership positions, further their educations and truly achieve something beyond themselves by serving their country – locally and globally. This focus on diversity is both our commitment now and our promise for the future.

America’s Navy truly is A Global Force For Good, where men and women of every cultural background proudly take the lead, bringing their different skills, backgrounds and talents to bear every day, creating an environment of excellence. We believe embracing diversity is vital to both our present and future as a military organization and as a nation. Our commitment is to do our absolute best to make sure every young man or woman who hears the call is welcomed into a family they will proudly call their own for the rest of their lives – a family that exists like no other on land, at sea or in the air.

If you’re serious about reaching your potential, start by deciding where it is you’ll make your mark. Check out the available career interest areas and download the Navy’s diversity policy. (Can't view this file? Download Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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