Competing with fellow servicemembers Navy Sports

For many Sailors, sports provide an important outlet. Navy personnel can be found participating in athletics of all kinds and at all levels (men’s, women’s and co-ed), competing on bases or in competition with other armed forces teams and opponents.

Intramural Sports

There are intramural sports programs available to men and women serving in America’s Navy. Everything from basketball to bowling. Soccer to softball. Wrestling to boxing.

Opportunities will depend on where you are serving. A Navy Recruiter can provide details.

All-Navy Sports

For those who possess the athletic skills to compete above the intramural level – in team or individual sports – there are opportunities to represent the Navy at higher-level athletic competitions – all the way up to the Olympics.

To learn more, go to All-Navy Sports where you'll find Navy Sports calendars, answers to frequently asked questions and information on how to apply to participate.

Collegiate Athletics

Interested in Navy Athletics at the collegiate level? Look into the United States Naval Academy (USNA) and get details on USNA Athletics.