Make the most of life as a veteran or as a member of the Navy Reserve Life After the Navy

Never underestimate the value of your time in the Navy. Whether you choose to remain on Active Duty, transition into a part-time role in the Navy Reserve, or make the most of your experience in the civilian world – your professional knowledge and leadership skills will give you a distinct advantage. And the benefits you’ll be entitled to will be impressive.

Retirement Benefits

If you decide to pursue your Navy career for at least 20 years, you’ll qualify for generous retirement pay – and even more if you serve longer. Use the military retirement calculator to see what you could earn. That’s on top of any income you receive from your investments in your Thrift Savings Plan. Plus, you will continue to receive health benefits and on-base shopping privileges similar to those you enjoyed while on active duty.

Think about it: By age 40 you could choose to retire from the Navy with a monthly paycheck for the rest of your life – and be fully prepared to embark on an exciting new career.

Veteran Benefits

Whether you make the Navy a long-term career or fulfill just the minimum commitment, you will continue to receive assistance as a Navy veteran. The Department of Veterans Affairs can help you find employment or schooling, provide no-money-down and low-interest loans for new home buyers, and offer low-cost life insurance. You’ll also have preferential hiring for government jobs, and you’ll be eligible to receive Post 9/11 GI Bill money for school.*

*Contact a Navy Recruiter for details.

Navy Reserve

You can stay connected to many of the best benefits the Navy has to offer, even if you choose to leave Active Duty and pursue a civilian career. By joining the Navy Reserve, you’ll continue to expand your Navy experience while building a future of your own making.

Some of the benefits of serving in the Navy Reserve include:

  • A potential affiliation bonus of up to $20,000 (contact a Navy Reserve Recruiter for details)
  • Four days of basic pay for every two drilling days each month
  • Opportunities to acquire new skills and sharpen existing ones
  • Access to tax-free Navy Exchanges and Commissaries
  • Travel opportunities
  • Points toward retirement benefits every time you drill

Most of the ranks, ratings and responsibilities found in Active Duty service are represented in the Navy Reserve. And many are currently in high demand. Explore all the options in the Navy Reserve.

More questions? The Career Transition Office (CTO) is ready to answer them and help you seamlessly transition into the next phase of your Navy career.