Stories of Service

The best way to get a feel for Navy life and to understand what having a career in the Navy is all about is to get the perspective of real Navy Sailors. So find out how some of these Navy men and women came to serve. See how far they've come and where they're going. And gain great insight through the inspiring words and stories they share.





Civil Engineer


LT Elise Hurrell

“When I was in Bahrain, I got to take tours of a submarine and a carrier, right on the pier. I met some of the personnel. When I think of those kinds of experiences and the combination of being on the ocean, at a pier, in an operational tempo in the gulf where you have ships coming in and going out — those kind of moments put it all into perspective. It makes me say, ‘This is why I’m a dentist in the Navy!’ It’s not like I’m a regular dentist working in a normal clinic. I love having more of that operational, forward­-deployed experience where I get to see the subs, see the carriers, meet the people and see where they’re coming from each and every day. That’s really the most incredible experience, and it’s unique to the Navy.”
— LT Elise Hurrell

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