Bob Freiberg

Master Of Theology, Doctor Of Ministry, Servant Of God And Country
Chaplain W. Robert Freiberg, CDR, US

“God’s grace can win over any kind of adversity.”
— Chaplain W. Robert Freiberg, CDR, USN

Chaplain Freiberg earned his master of divinity degree at Central Baptist Theological Seminary in 1984. After working as a high school science teacher and associate pastor, he was ordained an independent Baptist minister in 1988.

A year later, he joined the Navy Reserve and served as Chaplain for a Military Sealift Command and later a Marine Air Group. Since deciding to enter Active Duty in 1993, he has ministered to members of the Coast Guard on Governors Island, the crew aboard the USS Simon Lake, SEALs and Marines, Carrier and Marine air wings – doing it in settings as far away as the Yokosuka Naval Base in Japan.

Over the course of the years – and with the help of the Navy – Chaplain Freiberg has had the opportunity to earn a master of theology degree at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and a doctor of ministry degree at Talbot School of Theology.

He has also received four Meritorious Service Medals, two Navy Commendations and a Coast Guard Achievement Award.

Since 2009, he has served stateside at Naval Base San Diego – a proud servant of both God and country.

A Witness To God’s Grace At Work

“When I was a Chaplain for Special Forces, one of the instructors had gotten in trouble for violating a Military Protective Order his wife filed.

Over the next months, I visited, talked and prayed with the Sailor. His heart started to soften, and soon he made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ. Seeing the grace of God firsthand, I was encouraged. However, what really amazed me was that, as I was able to counsel and help him grow in faith, he expressed a desire to get back with his wife.

She agreed to do some counseling with her husband. After a few months, she made a profession of faith and her whole countenance changed. Within another few months, they renewed their vows. Last I heard, they have two children. God changed the lives and attitudes of both people.”

— Chaplain W. Robert Freiberg, CDR, USN