Melanie Molina

Melanie Molina is a Master-at-Arms in the United States Navy, where she ensures safety and security for ships throughout the waters.

Rate/Rating: E5/PO2/MA2 (EXW)
Hometown: Miami, FL
Service: 2005 – Present

One of the main reasons Melanie joined the Navy was to be independent. Before joining, she had never shot a weapon. The Navy sent her to Crew Served Weapons Instructor School where she learned about the characteristics of weaponry. Here, she learned to take weapons apart, put them back together and so much more. She learned how weapons work and what to do when a weapon stops shooting.

After that, she moved on to a stress course where instructors create tense situations for shooters, to prepare them for a wide range of environments.

“Now, I try to do anything people say I can’t do. If you tell me I can’t do it, I’m just going to prove you wrong.”