Navy opportunities provide skills that can set you up for life – in and out of uniform. And along the way, you’ll have the chance to make your own distinct mark on the world.

Grow as a Person – and as a Professional

Training for men and women in the Navy is exactly the same, regardless of career path. For most jobs, no prior work experience is typically required. If you meet the basic requirements, the Navy will provide all the training you’ll need. A willingness to learn and an ambition to succeed can take you as far as you want to go.

Besides equal pay for equal work and the opportunity to reach your professional potential, you can also look forward to the personal development that results from time spent in the Navy. Take advantage of the chance to learn, grow, advance, serve and succeed right beside male counterparts – sharing the same duties and the same respect.

The Navy stresses education as an important part of personal development and requires a high school diploma or equivalent for Enlisted positions and a degree from a four-year college or university for Officer positions. Both Enlisted careers and Officer careers are readily available to women – with each offering excellent opportunities for advancement.

  • Enlisted careers stress more hands-on work with state-of-the-art equipment that’s unrivaled in the civilian sector – in everything from construction to law enforcement to special operations. Training may be accepted as college credit at accredited colleges and universities.
  • Officer careers, which require a college education, present leadership opportunities in various career fields – from aviation to nuclear propulsion to health care. Some Navy programs even allow you to earn money while attending school.