Serve full-time as a Navy Linguist Cryptology Jobs

Train to be an interpreter of world languages and an expert in international cultures.

There are now job openings for Linguists in America's Navy – with no experience necessary to apply.

Industry: Military, Languages, Technology, Communications

Type of Service: Full-time (Active Duty)

Type of Position: Enlisted (high school diploma or equivalent required with a demonstrated proficiency for learning foreign language)

About this Job: Navy Linguists (also known as Cryptologic Technicians Interpretive, or CTIs) are highly skilled, detail-oriented men and women. In this role:

  • Receive intense foreign language training, and then use those skills to translate, interpret and transcribe foreign language communications data
  • Analyze and report highly technical information of strategic and tactical importance to Fleet Commanders and national intelligence agencies
  • Undergo advanced technical training to use communications systems aboard aircraft, surface ships and craft, and submarines

Key Opportunities: The foreign languages learned in this career are recognized by most universities, and Navy Linguists may be awarded credit toward a degree. With their language skills and cultural knowledge, Navy Linguists find outstanding opportunities for concurrent career development outside the Navy.

Qualifications and Requirements: Candidates must satisfy specific criteria to be eligible for employment consideration.

  • U.S. citizenship: Required
  • Education: High school diploma or GED or equivalent
  • Gender: Male or female
  • Age: 17 to 34
  • Medical exam: Required
  • Physical fitness test: Required
  • Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB) score: Minimum of 100
  • Service commitment: Minimum of two years of Active Duty

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