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As one of the most technologically superior forces in the world, America’s Navy puts a premium on advanced skills training and education for its Sailors. That’s why Navy servicemembers benefit from some of the most intensive, comprehensive training to be found. It’s also why the Navy has programs that can pay most, if not all, of the cost of earning all types of degrees.

Furthering Your Education

Regardless of your current position in the Navy, there’s always room to add more education experiences to your résumé.

Undergraduate Degrees

You don’t have to put college on hold while you pursue a career in the Navy. In fact, much of your on-the-job training and experience can translate directly to college credit. It’s like getting paid to work toward your degree even while you serve your country.

As for the extra college classes, there are many you can take on base – or even online while underway on a ship or submarine. Classes that the Navy could cover through its large variety of educational assistance programs.

Postgraduate Degrees

The Navy provides opportunities and funding for Officers to pursue a variety of postgraduate degrees. The Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, offers graduate degrees in a number of fields that are critical to the mission of the Navy. These include engineering, applied physics, mathematics, oceanography and all manner of sciences.

Additionally, the Navy is affiliated with a number of graduate-level institutions offering advanced degrees in health care, law and other fields to all servicemembers who may receive reimbursement.

Skills You’ll Learn

The Navy operates top training programs at training centers in a wide variety of fields. As a Navy servicemember, you’ll follow a training “pipeline” specific to your own interests, and come out the other side with skills that will serve you well in your Navy career. And beyond.

Your valuable new skills can lead directly to a job in the civilian world. Employers often actively seek out those very skills, along with the security clearance and work ethic that follow an honorable Navy experience.

If you choose to stay in the Navy, you can build a lifelong career based upon your expertise, whether in electronics, mechanics, computers or a wide variety of other fields.

Consider Your Service Options.

There are different ways that you can commit to serve in America's Navy. Part-time service opportunities are available in the Navy Reserve - offering many of the same great benefits as full-time service.