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The Oliver Hazard Perry-class guided-missile frigate USS Elrod (FFG 55) arrives in Souda Bay for a scheduled port visit.


Explore the world, enjoy the perks.

It’s no secret that world travel is one of the most exciting perks enjoyed by men and women in America’s Navy. With more than 100 ports of call around the globe and bases in multiple time zones, you could literally see the world in the course of your Navy career.

Explore the World, Enjoy the Perks

Even if that doesn’t satisfy your appetite for adventure, during your ample vacation time you’ll be able to fly standby on military flights around the world for a small fee.

What’s more, you’ll be eligible to stay in base lodging around the world. This includes lodging at any military facility that has rooms available for military personnel and their families, usually at a cost much lower than you would find at a hotel.

It all amounts to a lifetime of adventure, memories that you and your family can enjoy throughout your time in the Navy.

Tax-Free Shopping

On top of everything else, Navy personnel and their families can shop tax-free at military commissaries and exchanges in more than 100 locations worldwide. Exchanges offer the goods and services you’ll find in typical grocery and department stores. For more detailed information, read the Navy Exchange FAQ

Recreational Facilities

Enlisted Sailors and Officers alike have access to free and low-cost recreational facilities on bases around the world. These include everything from bowling alleys to movie theaters to gyms. And in many locations, there’s even access to private beaches.

Check out the Navy’s exciting ports of call all across the globe. 

Launch a future in any of more than 60 fields.