A job opportunity that will take you further, faster Job & Career Potential

A Navy job opportunity offers you a chance to reach your true potential as a professional – by learning new skills, acquiring unrivaled experience in the process of applying those skills, and making the most of Navy advancement.

Whether you’re starting with zero professional experience or seeking to enhance your current skill set and education, the Navy is a sure way to take your career to the next level.

Training for Life

In today’s job market, it’s critical to have skills and training that set you apart. Hundreds of thousands of Sailors in the Navy have benefited from and continue to benefit from the background that service in America’s Navy provides. Setting the standard in the professions in which they work. Distinguishing themselves by serving their country and the greater good.

But even after they choose to move on or retire from the Navy, those same skills make them highly valuable to civilian employers. Which means that when you receive Navy training, you’re not only being trained by the best, but you’re also setting the stage for a successful career in the long term – both in the Navy and beyond.