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Two Explosive Ordnance Disposal technicians await their next mission.

Job & Career Potential

“I enjoy what I do in my professional life. And the military opens up doors for me to grow as a professional. That’s why I joined.”

— ENS Charlie Hardaker, RN, Nurse Corps, USNR

Where duty becomes opportunity

What makes the Navy special is its job-driven subculture. Roles you serve in the Navy translate well to either long-term US Navy careers or into the private sector. The technical expertise — plus the practical application of it on a daily basis — can give you an edge in the job market.

World-Class Paid Training

The Navy and Navy Reserve both lead to an ocean of opportunity. You'll work with some of the most cutting-edge technologies in the world — and get paid to do it. There are hundreds of career options in the Navy and Navy Reserve, and each one could open a door to a new career for you in the Navy or the private sector.

The training and continuing education opportunities are outstanding as well. Paid training in the Navy and the Reserve can count as college credit or toward credentialing and licensing. Not to mention the GI Bill, which helps qualifying veterans get their degrees.

All this adds up to professional advancement possibilities. The Navy is based on rank. As you advance in your career, you could advance in rank and pay. But there are also opportunities to advance in role. You might start out as an aircraft mechanic, but you might end up teaching your skills to new recruits at an A-school. There are so many ways to steer your career in the Navy and get the most out of it.

The Navy makes a great springboard for civilian life as well. The experience and education gained from Active Duty background could jumpstart a civilian career you have never believed possible. Many Navy Reserve positions can give you paid training and education opportunities that could lead to advancement in your civilian career right now.

Contact a Navy or Navy Reserve Recruiter

There is no experience like Navy experience.

The Navy is on the ready at all times, all over the world. So when you learn something in the classroom, you are expected to be able to put that knowledge to practical use quickly. You drill and stay ready at all times, but when the moment comes, world-class Navy training makes you prepared for the mission. It's the very definition of hands-on training.

“First day on the job, I was already a manager and a leader with the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives.”

LT Candace Childers, Nuclear Officer, USN

Once you have had the military experience, nothing else can compare. Have you already served in the Navy or Navy Reserve? Or perhaps you've been part of another branch of service. Your mission in civilian life may be rewarding, but if you miss the duty, camaraderie, honor, pride and sense of purpose that only service can provide, the Navy and Reserve get that.

The Navy welcomes Army, Air Force, Marine, Coast Guard and other Reserve forces to join Active Duty or the Reserve. In most cases, you can keep your former rank. There's no need to repeat  Boot Camp or your Officer Training if you've already done it as former military. If you are looking to serve your country again, the Navy and Reserve are excellent opportunities to serve yourself as well with training, career opportunities and benefits.