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US Navy Nuclear Officer smiles during the US Navy Recruiting Command in October 2012.

Personal Development

“The Navy has allowed me to challenge myself in ways you won’t find in entry-level engineering jobs. You’re responsible for so much more in terms of equipment and people and decision making. It’s helped me to see what I’m capable of.”

LT Walter McDuffie, Nuclear Officer, USN

Achievement is your mission

The Navy or Navy Reserve can help you become a more disciplined and goal-oriented person. Navy service provides a true sense of mission with direction and purpose to bring out your full potential. The Navy is for people who want to go anywhere or do anything they want in life. It's for people who desire success.

You learn technical and career skills in the Navy — it’s world-class paid training plus ongoing education benefits. But it goes beyond that. The Navy is an experience like no other. It keeps you physically fit. It teaches you how to be disciplined, how to prepare, how to realize your goals and how to apply what you've learned. Most importantly, it can show you how to be part of something greater than yourself.

Taking part and taking the lead

There are things that can’t be taught in the classroom: teamwork and leadership. From your first day, you’ll share the camaraderie that comes from depending on the people you work with and having them depend on you. There’s virtually no role in the Navy that isn’t supported by other sailors and officers doing their job as well.

Teamwork evolves into leadership skills. You don’t have to become an Officer to be a leader. There’s leadership at all levels in the Navy and Navy Reserve, whether it’s within your team, planning for a mission, or even how you report up the chain of command. The Navy gives you the confidence to do the right thing for your team when the mission calls for it.

Open a new world

“The opportunities to…go abroad, either in a humanitarian mission or in a facet of supporting an operational command, are unique experiences that you would never ever have as a civilian.”

LT Luke Oakley, M.D., Medical Corps, USN

More than any other branch of US military service, the Navy travels. We have ports of call and bases all over the world. For most people, being an accomplished world traveler requires a big bank account. In the Navy, you're paid to go around the world on some of the largest and most sophisticated ships ever put to sea. It's not luxury accommodations, but it is an experience most people never get to have. As a Sailor in the service of your country, you get to see the world through a different pair of eyes than the average traveler. You'll be there for duty, to help, to assist and to serve a greater purpose.

Are you curious about exploring the possibilities in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM)? You could be a part of making exciting innovations a reality by pursuing your interest in these subjects with Amerca's Navy.