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US Navy serviceman receives award from captain.


“The mission of the Navy is to maintain, train and equip combat-ready Naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining freedom of the seas.”
Navy Mission Statement
Where it counts. When it counts.

America’s Navy is a force as relevant today as it’s been historically significant for the last 238 years. The times may change. The threats may become more obscure. The complex nature of 21st century life may make the demand for such a presence less obvious. But now more than ever, the Navy is something to be aware of. Something to be thankful for. Something to be proud of.


Today, the U.S. Navy has the distinction of being the world’s premier naval power – complete with the ships that one would most commonly associate with it. But to really understand why there’s a need for a sea-based military organization in this day and age, just consider that:

  • 70% of the earth is covered in water
  • 80% of the planet’s population lives within close proximity to coastal areas
  • 90% of global commerce is conducted by sea

Supremacy on the waterways of the world will always be critical. And whether it’s by way of oceans, canals, rivers or littoral areas, there remains a great need for the Navy to be out there:

  • Serving as a guardian for America’s freedom and defending the life we know
  • Supporting the cause of liberty abroad and promoting peace for all humanity
  • Enabling the safe travel of people and goods to meet the expanding demands of globalization


America’s Navy is unique in that it conducts missions on all fronts: in the air, on land and at sea. Fulfilling a broad role that encompasses everything from combat to peacekeeping to humanitarian assistance – in theater, on bases and everywhere from the cockpits of F-18s to the control rooms of nuclear submarines.

Wherever a military presence is needed, the Navy is there. Whenever a situation requires U.S. involvement, the Navy is often the first to deploy, the first to engage and the first to help. Always on watch, always on call and standing by to:

  • Utilize its force of highly skilled Sailors in whatever capacity is called for
  • Serve as an operational platform for anything from military missions to disaster relief
  • Transport uniformed military personnel and equipment


Among the seven uniformed services of the Unites States, America’s Navy holds the distinction of being the most multidimensional force serving the nation. Composed of highly specialized communities whose duties often extend beyond the sea, it does far more than meet the overwhelming task of carrying out Naval operations around the globe. It’s there to do a job no one else can do. And to offer the kind of support that often helps enable our other military forces to complete their missions – successfully and efficiently.

Because of its wide-ranging capabilities, the Navy routinely collaborates with the other uniformed services to meet Department of Defense (DoD) requirements. And to meet and anticipate the new challenges of the 21st century, there now exists an even more definitive connection between the Navy, the Marine Corps and the Coast Guard through the historic new Maritime Strategy – a collaborative approach to securing a better tomorrow.

Serving America Since 1775
Missions. Milestones. Moments in the history of America's Navy.
Always defending. Always on watch.
Protecting our freedoms whenever and wherever they are needed.