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Downloadable Health Care Officer Brochures

With a degree from a four-year college or university and the requisite qualifications, you could be a Physician, Dentist, Nurse or Specialist – as well as a distinguished Officer – in America’s Navy. Here, download any of our available Health Care Officer brochures.

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Navy Health Care - General Overview

pdf | 3 MB

See who makes up the global network of Navy Health Care and what kind of career opportunities, training, benefits and service options are available to Officers. Plus get the next steps for becoming part of America's Navy. 


Becoming a Navy Medical Officer

pdf | 752.7 KB

Part of the Naval Special Operations (NSO) community, Aviation Rescue Officer Development School is a five-week program (located at Naval Station Newport in Rhode Island) that trains physicians, dentists, nurses and other specialists in health care to be Officers in the Navy.

Health Care Education Opportunities

pdf | 848 KB

From scholarships to sign-on bonuses, salary/housing allowances to loan repayment options, the Navy has generous financial assistance programs available to current and aspiring health care professionals.

Dental Corps (Dentists)

pdf | 1.9 MB

Navy Dentists have the opportunity to practice progressive dentistry and to collaborate with fellow dental experts – all without the usual business concerns

Medical Corps (Physicians)

pdf | 1.6 MB

Navy Physicians have the distinction of practicing patient-focused medicine, without the typical business concerns, within a renowned health-care system.

Medical Service Corps (Specialists)

pdf | 3.1 MB

The highly specialized members of the Medical Service Corps practice in any of 22 diverse specialization areas, from health care administration to the health care sciences to clinical care

Nurse Corps (Nurses)

pdf | 1.8 MB

Navy Nurses don’t just gain unrivaled experience; they enjoy equal respect – caring for patients who are truly in need while upholding a proud heritage of compassion and excellence