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Downloadable Officer Brochures

With a degree from a four-year college or university, you could be a Navy Officer – stepping right into a high-profile management role and establishing yourself as a leader in any of over a dozen dynamic fields. Here, download any of our available Officer brochures.

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Officer - General Overview

pdf | 1.9 MB

Get a sense of the exciting career opportunities, training, benefits and service options available to Commissioned Officers. Plus get the next steps for becoming part of America's Navy.


Becoming a Navy Officer

pdf | 927.4 KB

Officer Candidate School, Officer Development School, Direct Commission Officer School, Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) and the Naval Academy – these are the different ways to become a Navy Officer.

Education Opportunities

pdf | 1.3 MB

Whether it’s earning a degree or advancing an education, the Navy has programs that can help high school students, undergraduates, graduate students and professionals reach their goals.


pdf | 2.1 MB

Navy Chaplains serve a vital and fulfilling role as they provide spiritual support to the Sailors, Marines and Coast Guard members who are out there answering a calling of their own.

Information Professional

pdf | 3 MB

Officers in the Navy Information Professional community assume responsibility for devising tactics and strategies to keep America’s Navy on the cutting-edge of technological superiority.

Information Warfare

pdf | 3.9 MB

Taking advantage of the Navy’s technological advantages to harm, disrupt or exploit enemy networks, Information Warfare Officers play a key role in every operation.

Naval Reactors Engineer

pdf | 1.7 MB

The challenge of researching, designing and maintaining all the nuclear reactors across the Navy Fleet comes down to a core group of technical experts known as Naval Reactors Engineers.

Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC)

pdf | 1.3 MB

The college experience of your choice – and a stellar career to follow. All provided by the NROTC program to those who have what it takes to succeed in the classroom and beyond.


Submarine Officer

pdf | 2 MB

Overseeing the specialized personnel, departments and missions of nuclear-powered attack, ballistic missile and guided missile submarines is the unfathomable job of Submarine Officers.


Surface Warfare (Nuclear) Officer

pdf | 1.1 MB

Managing the crew and operational intricacies of multibillion-dollar, megaton, nuclear-powered aircraft carriers is the awesome responsibility of Surface Warfare (Nuclear) Officers.

Information Dominance Corps

pdf | 3.6 MB

The Information Dominance Corps includes highly skilled Enlisted Sailors and Officers who specialize in everything from Intelligence to Information Technology, Information Warfare to Cyber Warfare, Meteorology and Oceanography to the Space Cadre.