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College Options

US Navy health services collegiate student smiles as she studies.

College Options

Get an advanced education.
Opportunities for graduate and professional degrees.


Did you know that you can join the Navy and go to college at the same time?

The Navy offers several scholarship programs that can help pay your way through school and allow you to enjoy a normal college life, and you can focus on your studies before starting a career in the Navy. Through these programs, you will enter the Navy in a leadership position as a Commissioned Officer. A Commissioned Officer is a member of the Navy who has a degree from a 4-year college or university and who has gone through Officer Training. Officers in the Navy have responsibilities that include anything from low-level management to the highest levels of command.

Typically, those who enter the Navy through an Officer position require an initial service commitment of 3 to 5 years (though positions involving longer-term training may require longer service obligations).

The best way to confirm the specific service commitment that will apply to you is to contact a recruiter

For more ways to see how the Navy can further your education, check out the Education Opportunities page.

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