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About the Reserve

Navy Reservist uses binoculars to observe an object near the USS Donald Cook.

About the Reserve

“The mission of the Navy Reserve is to provide strategic depth and deliver operational capabilities to the Navy and Marine Corps team and Joint forces, in times of peace or war.”
Navy Reserve Mission Statement

America’s Navy Reserve is an essential element of the Total Force that is America’s Navy. Wherever the important work of the Navy is being conducted in the world today, Navy Reservists are there – seamlessly supporting, actively contributing and effectively leading lives of service and lives of their own.

One Navy. One Mission.

Whether working in the U.S. or abroad, ashore, at sea or in the air, Reservists are prepared, accessible, versatile and willing to go wherever they are needed.

Each Reservist is expected to uphold the core values of honor, courage and commitment. Together with Active Duty servicemembers, they help make up one of the most capable forces the world has ever seen.

Over the past century, the Reserve has evolved into a vital asset, a respected partner and a true Force Multiplier. As a part-time servicemember, you will not only stand in to answer the call of duty, but your service will amplify the Navy’s core capabilities, which include forward presence, deterrence, sea control, power projection, maritime security, humanitarian assistance and disaster response.

A Go-To Force

The ongoing mission of the Navy Reserve is to have the right people and develop them with the right training. It's also to provide Reservists with the resources and support they need to serve effectively and successfully. In an increasingly complex world, this mission evolves to meet ever-changing initiatives.

As individuals and as units, Reservists continue to be more and more critical in the big picture. Serving side by side with Active Duty counterparts in direct support of the Fleet. Making the most of proven and potential abilities. Leading lives of pride, purpose and heroism on a mission that serves a greater cause.

Now and in the future, the Navy Reserve envisions itself to be a go-to force. A resource for roles that cover the full spectrum of Navy needs. It also strives to be an employer of choice. A fulfilling option for servicemembers from all backgrounds. Those with prior military experience and those without.

What is the Total Force of America's Navy?

It’s the more than 320,000 Sailors serving full-time on Active Duty

It’s the more than 60,000 Sailors serving part-time as Reservists in the Selected Reserve

It’s the more than 200,000 civilians working in the Department of the Navy (DON) and supporting Navy efforts (but under no military service obligation)