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Working With A Recruiter

A U.S. Navy recruiter speaks with potential recruits.

Who Are Navy Recruiters?

A U.S. Navy Recruiter is a career advisor whose role it is to help you find your place in the Fleet. Just like a recruiter at any civilian job, Navy Recruiters help guide you through the enlistment or commissioning process to find a role that’s a fit for you. They’ll educate you on the types of jobs available in the Navy, make sure you fill out your paperwork correctly, help you get processed through MEPS (Military Entrance and Processing Station), and even prepare you for boot camp with physical education classes and tips about what you’ll need to learn before you get there.

Meeting Your Navy Recruiter

The first time you meet with your Recruiter, you might be nervous or intimidated, but if you come prepared with questions about your future, benefits and life in the Navy, you’ll be more than ready for an initial conversation.

This first meeting is meant for you two to get to know each other. Your Recruiter will ask about your personal goals for joining the Navy and what you hope to get out of this career, and also begin to form a plan for your recruitment journey. They’ll also start to ask about your personal history and make sure you meet the general requirements to join. If your family or guardians have questions, they are more than welcome to join you at this initial meeting or even call your Recruiter with any of their questions.

If you’re ready to take the next step, they’ll begin to fill out paperwork that will begin the process of getting you to MEPS, the Military Entrance Processing Station; this is where you’ll be determined to be mentally, morally and physically qualified to join. It’s where you’ll take your ASVAB and select your job.

Just remember — your Recruiter is there to be a guide throughout this process. If there are ever any concerns, questions or issues that arise, make sure you talk to them. See below for a list of questions to consider for your first meeting.

What Should I Ask My Recruiter About?

Your Recruiter is there to answer any and every question you have about the Navy and the requirements to join. Joining the Navy is a major life decision, so making sure that you and your family’s questions are answered throughout the process is important. Consider the questions below for a starting place on what to ask at your first meeting.


  • What types of jobs are available in the Navy right now?
  • What type of training will I get in these jobs?
  • What is the ASVAB and how do I prepare for it?
  • What scores do I need on my ASVAB test to qualify?
  • Can you give me some resources to learn about these jobs before I decide?
  • What can I expect at MEPS?


  • What will my compensation be? How does it compare to a civilian job?
  • Will the Navy help me pay for college?
  • What type of insurance benefits do I get? Will my family be covered?
  • Are there any bonuses available right now for the job I want?
  • Where will I live? Is my Navy housing paid for?
  • Do my Navy benefits last after I serve? How long?

Navy Life

  • How long will my commitment to the Navy be?
  • What’s life like as a Sailor on a ship? On base? Overseas?
  • When will I get to see my family?
  • Tell me about some of your experiences as a Sailor.

Personal History

  • Does it matter if I have a medical condition?
  • What if I’ve been in trouble with the law?
  • Do I qualify physically to join?
  • Are my tattoos allowed in the Navy?