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Global Presence, Global Adventure — Bases, Ports, and Centers Around the World

Here's your chance to see the world. Many say that the best part about being in Navy is the opportunity to visit exotic locales and ports that others can only dream of seeing. You could find yourself in Egypt, Japan or Rio de Janeiro. It's the kind of adventure that can expand your boundaries, broaden your horizon and open you up to a whole other world.

Today, America’s Navy is actively engaged with more than 50,000 men and women deployed around the world. And it is not just the international travel that appeals to Navy personnel. At home, Navy bases are often parked on some of the most desirable real estate in the U.S., such as Orlando, Honolulu and Norfolk, Va.

In addition to ports and bases, Naval Training Centers are located on both coasts from Connecticut to California; Navy Health Care Centers, clinics, and hospitals are located throughout the continental United States; and Navy hospital ships provide another opportunity to see the world – from humanitarian mission to humanitarian mission – wherever they are needed.

There are hundreds of Navy recruiting offices around the country.
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