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Advising on a Career in the Navy

Provide the Guidance that leads to long-term opportunity

As a school counselor or advisor, you take the personal responsibility to provide students with intelligent, practical guidance that steers them toward a solid future, rich with opportunity and promise.

America’s Navy offers your students exceptional, hands-on career training, funding for higher education, and generous pay and other benefits. It also instills self-confidence, pride and a sense of purpose. Plus the Navy offers other intrinsic benefits like honor, courage and commitment, plus a deep sense of responsibility, teamwork and a clear sense of direction that comes from serving our nation.

It’s what makes students good Sailors. And good people. They’re highly employable, better leaders and more fit for life’s challenges. They’re not just defending our country; they’re developing themselves – personally and professionally.

Career Potential

In today’s competitive work environment, any advantage your students have will move them ahead faster and easier. America’s Navy can give students the edge they need with education, training and real-life experience.

The Navy trains its personnel for hundreds of high-growth positions in more than 60 career fields. While they’re enlisted, Sailors learn about leadership, responsibility and new technology — all valuable skills that transfer to the civilian workplace.

Get your students in touch with job opportunties that will take them further, faster.

Career Opportunities
Launch a future in any of more than 60 fields.

College Financing

The Navy places a high value on education. Challenging missions and a high-tech work environment demand Sailors who are highly capable. That’s why all recruits must have at least a high school diploma or equivalent, and all those entering the Navy as Officers must have a college degree.

The Navy encourages all personnel to pursue their education by offering:

  • Money for college
  • Ways to pay off student loans
  • College courses on ships and bases
  • Educational benefits through the Post-9/11 GI Bill

And joining the Navy doesn’t mean giving up on plans for a master’s or doctorate. The Navy needs highly educated individuals for critical research, strategic planning and other vital activities.

Experience Life

Sometimes the best education comes from real-world experiences. America’s Navy has a global presence with more than 100 ports of call, giving your students the opportunity to see firsthand how other people, cultures and countries live. It’s an opportunity that most people only dream about, but the Navy can put this kind of life-changing experience within reach.

Learn more about where your students could travel in America’s Navy.

“I guess you could say I came from humble beginnings. I had only been out of West Virginia twice in my life. Dad was a disabled coal miner. Mom was a housewife. I was the youngest of 10 kids. We were dependent on welfare and Social Security. Despite all that, I did well in school and wanted to become part of the Navy nuclear power program. I was hungry to succeed. And I knew I could do it. Since I’ve been in the Navy, I have earned a bachelor of science degree in nuclear engineering and a master’s degree in management, with the Navy picking up a good portion of my tuition. I have traveled to more than 35 countries in Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East and all but six of the 50 states. Where else but in the Navy?”

– Travis Goodwin, Supply Corps Officer, Lieutenant Commander


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The Navy has many programs to help your students earn an associate's, bachelor's, master's and beyond.

Wondering what life is like in the Navy?
Learn about life on a submarine, in a squadron and on a ship.