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Two Navy electronics technicians (ET) performs maintenance on mechanical equipment.

On the Job Training & Advancement

Skills and education for the ultimate career adventure.

For the ambitious Sailor, there's a nearly limitless opportunity to make a Navy career even more significant. Regardless of what job function or pay grade you have upon entering the Navy, there's nothing holding you back from attaining that next level of success. See what training and advancement opportunities await you in America's Navy.

Training Opportunities

As one of the most technologically superior forces in the world, America’s Navy puts a premium on advanced skills training and education for its Sailors. That’s why Navy servicemembers benefit from some of the most intensive, comprehensive training to be found. It’s also why the Navy has programs that can pay most, if not all, of the cost of earning all types of degrees.

Skills You’ll Learn

The Navy operates top training programs at training centers in a wide variety of fields. As a Navy servicemember, you’ll follow a training “pipeline” specific to your own interests, and come out the other side with skills that will serve you well in your Navy career. And beyond.

Your valuable new skills can lead directly to a job in the civilian world. Employers often actively seek out those very skills, along with the security clearance and work ethic that follow an honorable Navy experience.

If you choose to stay in the Navy, you can build a lifelong career based upon your expertise, whether in electronics, mechanics, computers or a wide variety of other fields

Climbing the Ratings

What’s unique about the Navy is that once you’ve embarked on your career, the only way to go from there is up.

In fact, the Navy culture encourages Sailors to work their way up through the rates and ranks, advance their status, and take on positions of greater responsibility.

This is no corporate ladder. You’ll find that the Navy offers a professional support system unlike any other. One in which all Sailors have ample resources to succeed, whether through training, mentoring or even financial incentives.

Leadership Opportunities

Along with regular promotions come increased leadership opportunities. As you propel your career upwards, you’ll find yourself with greater responsibility – for the hardware you operate, for the vessels you pilot, for the safety and success of those around you.

You’ll likely find yourself becoming a leader in your own right as you hone the skills you need to motivate, train and communicate effectively. Skills that will benefit you beyond the Navy and in your everyday life.

It doesn’t matter how you get started. What matters is just how far you can push yourself. And in America’s Navy, it’s entirely possible to push yourself right to the top.

Find out more about the Navy’s advancement opportunities from a recruiter


Through the Navy Credentialing Opportunities Online (COOL) program, Sailors can see their specialized training translate into credentialing, certification and/or licensure opportunities from a number of national boards and organizations.