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Why Join?

A landing craft air cushion prepares to enter the well deck of the USS Bataan.

Why Join?

I joined because I wanted to be a part of something bigger, better, greater than myself. It’s my legacy.
— LCDR Kathryn Wilgus, RN
Nurse Corps, USNR
Full-time. Part-time. Lifetime.

Reasons to Join the US Navy

The Navy does more than launch ships and aircraft. It launches careers. Whether you are going Active Duty or joining the Reserve, you'll earn a sense of purpose that few civilian careers can match. You'll be part of something bigger than yourself, with a true opportunity to make a difference in the world and for your country. The experience at your Navy job can springboard you into a fulfilling military service career and lead to outstanding opportunities in the private sector. The training, education, technical skills and life lessons you learn in the Navy can carry you into a bright future with unlimited possibilities.

There are many reasons to be part of America's Navy: good pay, outstanding health-care benefits, generous vacation time, plus opportunities for advancement and travel. The Navy is also the right fit for all kinds of people and the chance to make lifelong connections. It’s a full-time commitment with lifetime benefits to your character, whether you stay in or use it for experience in a civilian career.

If you're already in a satisfying career – or simply interested in part-time service – the Navy Reserve could be the perfect complement. It can enhance your career and provide paid training to help you advance. If you’ve never served before, you’ll also gain a sense of higher mission. If you are currently serving or have served before, you know the life. You know the camaraderie and the thrill of having a job where people truly rely on you. The Navy Reserve can put that back in your life, while you keep taking care of your family and working in your civilian career.

Are you former military from another branch? You'll find a job-oriented culture in the US Navy plus all the honor, pride and discipline from your previous service.


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