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Battle Strats

Navy Sailor and Esports gamer PS1 Keith Cherry at competition with his Goats and Glory teammates

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Doing battle is better with geniuses on your side. We’ve teamed up with pro esports players Tarik, Ethan and Brehze from the world-champion Evil Geniuses to show the world what it takes to be the best of the best. Together with America’s Navy, they explore Navy strategy IRL, mental fortitude and even test out new skills in real game situations.

Ep. 1 - Behavioral Analysis

Evil Geniuses and Goats & Glory explore the skills and behavior it takes to be at the top of your game in esports and in the Navy.

Ep. 2 - Role Assignment & Teamwork

Every role is important on a team. Evil Geniuses and Goats & Glory swap in-game roles to see what it takes to operate as a cohesive unit.

Ep. 3 - Swapping Tactics

Evil Geniuses meet an actual Navy VBSS crew Chief, who gives them tips and tricks on how to better operate as a team in any situation.

Ep. 4 - Suiting Up

The Navy’s premier parachute jump team, the Leap Frogs, show off their specialized gear and equipment with the Evil Geniuses in this episode of Battle Strats.

Ep. 5 - Made Not Born

No one is born a pro. It takes years of practice and sweat to be the top of your game. The Evil Geniuses chat with one of the Navy’s esports players about the training and preparation that goes into high-level performance.

Ep. 6 - Welcome to the Guild

The Navy guild is like no other. The Evil Geniuses and Goats & Glory talk teamwork and how being part of an elite team is the same as being part of a family.