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  • Aerospace Experimental Psychology

    Pilots and flight crews deal with extreme physical and psychological circumstances. It’s up to Navy Aerospace Experimental Psychologists to develop programs and create training to optimize pilot performance and reduce flight crew error. Learn More »

    Aerospace and Operational Physiology

    Navy Pilots are subjected to specific and extreme physical conditions as they perform various missions in high-performance aircraft. Aerospace Physiologists are there to ensure that pilots are conditioned to accomplish their missions safely. Learn More »


    Sailors and Marines find themselves in countless environments across the globe, and it’s up to Navy Biochemists and Forensic Toxicologists to protect them from the unique biological, chemical and toxicological challenges to their well-being. Learn More »


    Navy Entomologists are called to protect the health of servicemembers and people across the globe. From reducing local cases of malaria and dengue fever in Central America to monitoring the well-being of a hospital ship crew during a humanitarian mission in the Pacific. Learn More »

    Environmental Health

    Navy environmental health specialists help protect servicemembers’ health and safety by preventing and controlling the spread of disease. They gain exceptional experience in countless locations worldwide. Perform cutting-edge research using the latest technology. And become a part of something much bigger than just a group of coworkers. Learn More »

    Industrial Hygiene

    Sailors and Marines frequently have unique living and working arrangements. Navy Industrial Hygiene Officers (IHOs) help servicemembers adapt to close quarters and sometimes hazardous conditions. Learn More »

    Medical Technology

    Navy Medical Technologists use their expertise of medical devices and best practices to ensure the efficient operation of medical efforts in locations around the world, such as the Caribbean, Indonesia or even Washington, D.C. Learn More »


    Navy Microbiologists pioneer progress in the field of microbiology each day as they conduct surveillance of organisms, trace the most elemental sources of infectious disease, and remain at the forefront of pivotal research. Learn More »

    Radiation Health

    Whether administering a radiation protection program, extending expertise in diagnostic radiology, or assisting physicians/radiologists in therapy or treatment, the job of Navy Radiation Health Specialists is to ensure that radiation is used safely in all cases. Learn More »

    Research Physiology

    America’s Navy answers the call of duty in nearly every environment on earth – from high-pressure ocean depths to scorching landscapes. The Navy Physiologist’s duty is to understand the effects of these extreme conditions on human muscle and bone. And provide recommendations for helping Sailors and Marines perform their jobs well. Learn More »

    Research Psychology

    Delving deep into cognitive, experimental and physiological psychology issues. Helping keep Sailors and Marines strong in mind and body. Navy Research Psychologists strike the perfect balance between research excellence and operational support. Learn More »

  • Audiology

    Some Navy operations are loud. Flight operations, discharging of firearms, handling of ordnance and more create noise far beyond what is safe for human hearing. Even below deck and out of harm’s way, there are countless areas where the hearing of Navy personnel is at stake. Navy Audiologists work to safeguard their hearing – and help them protect it too. Learn More »

    Clinical Psychology

    The typical Sailor or Marine faces extraordinary – as well as ordinary – challenges every day. Responding whenever and wherever duty calls. Rushing to the point of action or humanitarian relief anywhere in the world. The Clinical Psychologists in America’s Navy help these servicemembers stay in top mental and emotional shape throughout their military service. Learn More »

    Dietetics & Food Management

    Those who pursue dietetics in America’s Navy have a chance to positively impact the nutrition and health of those who serve. Navy Registered Dietitians are continually innovating ways to help maintain the health of thousands of Sailors, Marines, their families, and other adults and children around the globe with specific nutritional needs. Learn More »

    Occupational Therapy

    Few jobs are as physically demanding as those in the Navy and Marines. Without proper guidance, care and treatment from Occupational Therapists, some may risk injury, debilitation and dependence on others. In America’s Navy, Occupational Therapists rehabilitate and retrain of our nation’s wounded servicemembers. And even research new devices to provide cutting-edge therapy or assist in functionality. Learn More »


    Whether guiding F-18s onto moving aircraft carriers or tracking enemy vessels from hundreds of miles away, good vision is an absolute necessity for servicemembers. Navy Optometrists are vital in maintaining their eyesight – and effectiveness. Learn More »


    Pharmacists in the military do more than dispense medication, consult with patients and carry out medication regimens – though they do all this with the utmost accuracy and integrity. Navy Pharmacists also dispense hope in serving military populations, as well as other people in need around the world. Learn More »

    Physical Therapist

    A Physical Therapist's role in the Navy is crucial – both to the Navy mission and to the servicemembers who carry them out. With the help of a physical therapist, young Sailors and Marines can overcome an injury and continue to pursue an honorable career, as well as a fulfilling life. And the world’s less fortunate have a chance to receive gold-standard treatment for the first time in their lives. Learn More »

    Physician Assistant

    In the Navy, a Physician Assistant (PA) plays a central role in one of the most capable health-care networks on earth. They have exceptional freedom to address patients’ needs and the opportunity to work hands-on with supervising physicians and surgeons, collaborating to deliver the highest standard of care. Learn More »


    Navy Podiatrists specialize in foot and ankle issues with exposure to a wide variety of clinical and surgical cases. They’re a foundational part of the medical team dedicated to maintaining the operational readiness of our fighting and humanitarian forces – and helping them heal after they return home. Learn More »

    Social Work

    Whether they’re defending our country or helping those who cannot help themselves, Sailors and Marines must endure long separations from loved ones and exceptional emotional circumstances. So must their families. Social workers in the military are crucial in helping everyone stay strong. Learn More »

Going beyond everyday caregiving

Navy Health Care isn’t just a medical network; it’s an organization that’s unrivaled in its global reach. Exceptional in its patient outcomes. And unique in its mission. More than 12,000 physicians, dentists and nurses provide world-class, hands-on care. And more than 2,600 administrative, research and clinical specialists offer vital support in hospitals, labs and research facilities in the U.S. and around the world.

Working in Navy Health Care, you will:

  • Utilize the latest techniques and technology in state-of-the-art facilities, such as a national naval hospital
  • Collaborate with skilled, dedicated colleagues using unrivaled resources  
  • Have the opportunity to support medical relief and education efforts around the globe
  • Attend Officer Development School instead of Boot Camp  
  • Take on a leadership role among leaders, giving you unrivaled management experience

No matter their roles or locations, all Navy Health Care professionals do doing what they love for the sake of country and common good.


Learn more about opportunities to serve part-time as a Navy Physician, Dentist or Nurse in one of these medical specialties:

General Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Perioperative Nursing

Are you a current or aspiring medical student?

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