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America’s Navy featured at a gaming convention and tournament

The official logo of Goats & Glory, the Navy Esports team


Gamers and Sailors have more in common than you might expect. Highly-skilled, technically-minded and great at problem-solving, they both know what it takes to be at the top of their game.

The Navy esports team, Goats & Glory, is up for any gaming challenge. From nuke ops to cryptology to aviation and more, each Sailor on the team followed a different path, but they have all come together as an essential part of the Navy’s mission—proving there's no such thing as a small role in esports or the Navy.

Meet The Team

ETVC Michael Cox

Navy Job
Electronics Technician Navigation - Submarine

Bio: Just as a submarine’s mission is to lurk, ETVC Cox is the master lurker on Goats & Glory. His expertise in moving in the shadows and hunting down the enemy is vital to our team. Last one alive? Negative—he's got you in his sights.

Michael Cox of the U.S. Navy Esports Team Goats & Glory

ET2 Manuel Bolanos

Navy Job
Electronics Technician

Bio: When ET2 Bolanos has your six, you know you’re covered. With excellent in-game comms and quick trouble-shooting abilities, he can handle any situation. Don't know the definition of "deep six"? ET2 Bolanos can show you the real-world translation.

Manuel Bolanos of the U.S. Navy Esports Team Goats & Glory

PS1 Keith Cherry

Shadowed Fathoms
Navy Job
Personnel Specialist

Bio: Used to giving people time off, PS1 Cherry knocks off competition one-by-one. Signing all the checks with his quill has kept his fingers in tune to smash buttons on his arcade fight stick to stay in the top level of every fighting game.

Keith Cherry of the U.S. Navy Esports Team Goats & Glory

PS3 Emily Courtois

Navy Job
Personnel Specialist

Bio: You can bet when she's not pushing paper as a Personnel Specialist, PS3 Courtois is pushing the enemy team instead. With over a decade of competitive gaming experience in everything from MOBAs to FPS, you’ll always have a carry when she's on your team. 

Emily Courtois of the U.S. Navy Esports Team Goats & Glory

STG2 Angelica Javier

Navy Job
Sonar Technician

Bio: Did you hear that pin drop on the ocean floor? STG2 Javier did. In the Navy, she uses advanced equipment to hear even the faintest sounds from miles away. With her impressive acoustic abilities, she reacts faster than most to any in-game ping or footstep.

Angelica Javier of the U.S. Navy Esports Team Goats & Glory

NC1 Michael Rogers

Navy Job
Navy Counselor (Prior Machinist's Mate)

Bio: With exemplary knowledge of how the Navy and its people operate, you can depend on NC1 Rogers to lead the team to endless victories. Need a mission done? Just look for NC1 Rogers, the backbone of the team.

Michael Rogers of the U.S. Navy Esports Team Goats & Glory

RP2 Joshua Silva

Navy Job
Religious Program Specialist

Bio: In the Navy, RP2 Silva is a friendly face supporting religious activities of all faiths. But in-game, he’s a formidable foe who can dominate any server. RP2 Silva’s sick Hail Mary plays and out-of-body one taps will restore the faith of any viewer. 

Joshua Silva of the U.S. Navy Esports Team Goats & Glory

NC1 Joshua Watson

Navy Job
Navy Counselor (Prior Electrician's Mate)

Bio: Need an energy boost? NC1 Watson’s got you. Not only does he keep the power flowing aboard Navy ships, but he also powers through all the competition. With his strength and expert knowledge, he is a true adversary on the gaming battlefield.

Joshua Watson of the U.S. Navy Esports Team Goats & Glory