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Goats & Glory

The Navy Esports team poses for a team photo while displaying their official team jerseys at DreamHack Anaheim 2020

The official logo of Goats & Glory, the Navy Esports team“Glory is bleating, but obscurity is forever.”

Goats & Glory is up for any gaming challenge. The Navy’s esports team came together from the worlds of nuke ops, cryptology, aviation and more to celebrate their love of gaming. Though all 8 Sailors followed different paths, each filled a role that is essential to the Navy’s mission. Goats & Glory seeks to prove that in the esports world and the Navy, there is no such thing as a small role.

Meet Goats & Glory

LT Aaron Jones

Navy Job
Naval Flight Officer

Bio: Aka self-proclaimed team captain. LT Jones’ skills in the E-2 Hawkeye’s radar systems make him a pro at scanning his in-game environment in a second.

Navy Esports player LT Aaron Jones poses for a portrait.

NCC Brian Smith

Navy Job
Engineman (Prior)

Bio: When he’s not gaming, he’s chasing polar bears in Alaska. Out at sea, former ENC Smith is responsible for moving the Navy forward by maintaining ships’ engines. When he’s in-game, his role is no different, keeping the team motivated from start to finish.

Navy Esports player NCC Brian Smith poses for a portrait.

PS1 Keith Cherry

Navy Job
Personnel Specialist

Bio: King of the old-school console. PS1 Cherry is all about helping people love what they do. His human resources skills pack a punch—which translates well into his powerful playstyle in classic fighting games.

Navy Esports player PS1 Keith Cherry poses for a portrait.

ETN1 Joshua Jones

Navy Job
Electronics Technician - Nuclear

Bio: Every operation needs some brain power, right? ETN1 Jones uses strong math and science skills to harness the power of nuclear reactors for our ships. But when he’s gaming, he uses wit and cunning to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Navy esports player Joshua Jones poses for an official Goats and Glory headshot

NC1 Michael Rogers

Navy Job
Machinist's Mate (Prior)

Bio: Lucky enough to get Hawaii as his first duty station. In charge of mechanical repairs on all vessels in the fleet, former NC1 Rogers is a jack-of-all-trades. When he goes online, he uses his skills in multitasking to make sure his party is operating like a well-oiled machine.

Navy esports player Michael Rogers poses for an official Goats and Glory headshot

MM1 Andrew Crosswhite

Navy Job
Machinist's Mate

Bio: When snipe meets “Call of Duty” sniper. MM1 Crosswhite is all about seeing the big picture of a machine’s system. That’s why his weapon of choice is a sniper rifle, and his preferred location is high above you and out of sight.

Navy Esports player MM1 Andrew Crosswhite poses for a portrait.

FCA2 Thessa L. Reed II

Navy Job
Fire Controlman

Bio: Can definitely handle the heat. No stranger to deadly weapons like 5-inch guns and the Tomahawk cruise missile weapon system, FCA2 Reed knows what it means to defend your turf IRL and in-game.

Navy esports player Thessa L. Reed poses for an official Goats and Glory headshot

CTN2 Riley Bufford

Navy Job
Cryptologic Technician - Networks

Bio: Also thinks he’s team captain. CTN2 Bufford’s experience in offensive and defensive cyber operations have made him an expert at strategic gameplay.

Navy Esports player CTN2 Riley Bufford poses for a portrait.



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