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Navy Skills For Life

Navy Skills For Life

Navy Training Centers
Find out more about the key Navy training schools that turn civilians into Sailors.

In America’s Navy, training is everything. It’s the basic instruction that turns everyday people into extraordinary Sailors, and the specialized instruction that prepares them for even greater challenges. It comes from expert instructors at Navy “A” Schools and “C” Schools across the country who provide Enlisted Sailors with advanced training in their respective fields. It comes from those who lead the Officer Training Programs that prepare tomorrow’s Navy leaders for their Officer roles. And it comes from others who teach high-level courses at renowned institutions like the Naval Postgraduate School.

Training in the Navy is also conducted in less formalized ways every day. Friends, shipmates and mentors routinely share their knowledge with one another, continually building on the collective wisdom formed through years of service. The constant repetition required to master any skill and the hard-won readiness that comes from putting those skills to the test give many a degree in real-world, hands-on experience – credentials they can in turn pass on.

No question, Navy training can come from a variety of proven sources – each giving fellow Sailors the know-how to work with the world’s most high-tech equipment and technology, the tools to survive in the harshest environments, and the means to succeed in their chosen profession. At some point, every Sailor shares in the training of those around them. It’s simply a culture of teaching and learning.

Navy Skills for Life is your chance to get an inside look at some of the world-class instruction we provide. Here, you can get first-hand training from real Navy experts demonstrating skills that could benefit you in your everyday life. So you too can be ready for anything. Choose a category below or see all the videos.

Launch a future in any of more than 60 fields in the Navy.
Learn From The Experts

From building a shelter to signaling for rescue, learn from a Navy trainer how to assure your survival on land from the moment you realize you’re lost until help arrives.

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Who better to teach survival at sea than Navy experts? Learn the proper way to float, the most efficient swim strokes, how to use your clothing as a flotation device and more.

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If things go wrong, knowing how to treat an injury can be the difference between surviving until rescue and succumbing to the elements. Get expert instruction from highly trained Navy Hospital Corpsmen.

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Whether boating or camping or carrying cargo, there are times in everyday life when a proper knot is a necessity. Here, Navy Instructors teach you some of the same basic knot-tying skills that they teach Navy Recruits in training.

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Anyone can use a helpful tip or two around the kitchen. Here’s a chance to learn a few simple but worthwhile cooking skills and quick recipes from professionally trained Culinary Specialists in the Navy.

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