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The most valuable asset to America’s Navy is its people, and the Navy’s commitment to your well-being is reflected in our benefits package. We offer world-class training opportunities in technical fields that are also in high demand in the civilian sector. We also offer you the opportunity to earn a college degree or an advanced degree while the Navy pays for it.


The Navy offers an outstanding compensation package, complete with competitive pay, tax benefits and comprehensive health-care coverage. We also offer you the chance to travel the world, experiencing more sights and cultures than most people see in a lifetime.

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When it comes to financial benefits, the Navy offers much more than a competitive paycheck. We also provide significant tax incentives and a retirement income.


The Navy offers high-quality medical care that any job seeker would envy, providing all its servicemembers with health and life insurance coverage.


Rising medical costs and skyrocketing insurance premiums can make it difficult to afford quality medical care. In America’s Navy, we pride ourselves on providing world-class health insurance to Sailors and their families. Full, comprehensive coverage is available at all military hospitals and dental facilities. The Navy also provides coverage for special services that require outside providers and in the case of emergencies.

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Term life insurance is available to Sailors under the Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI) plan. It offers up to $400,000 of full-time coverage at affordable rates.

Term life insurance is also extended to the spouses and dependent children of Sailors under the Family Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (FSGLI) plan. It offers up to $100,000 of full-time coverage for spouses at affordable rates and automatic $10,000 coverage at no cost for eligible dependents.

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Depending on duty status, Reservists and their qualifying family members may be eligible to receive medical benefits and dental benefits through TRICARE – the Department of Defense health care program. This program combines armed services health resources with civilian resources to complete your health care coverage. You will also have access to military facilities if you're hurt or get sick during training periods.

Training & Advancement

For an ambitious Sailor, there's limitless opportunity to make a Navy career even more significant. Regardless of what job function or pay grade you have upon entering the Navy, there's nothing holding you back from progressing to the next level of success.


As one of the most technologically superior forces in the world, America’s Navy prioritizes advanced skills training and education for its Sailors, who can benefit from some of the most intensive, comprehensive training and education programs in the world.


The Navy operates top programs at training centers in a wide variety of fields. As a Navy servicemember, you’ll follow a training “pipeline” specific to your career goals, developing skills that will serve you well in your Navy career and beyond.

Your valuable new skills can lead directly to a job in the civilian world. Employers often actively seek out your specific skills, along with the security clearance and work ethic that follow an honorable Navy experience. Or, if you choose to stay in the Navy, you can build a lifelong career based upon your expertise, whether in electronics, mechanics, computers or a wide variety of other fields.


Navy culture encourages Sailors to work their way up through the rates and ranks, advance their status, and take on positions of greater responsibility. This is no corporate ladder. You’ll find the Navy offers a professional support system unlike any other, in which all Sailors have ample resources to succeed, whether through training, mentoring or financial incentives.


Along with regular promotions come increased leadership opportunities. As you propel your career, you’ll find yourself with greater responsibility as you hone the skills you need to motivate, train and communicate effectively.


Through the Navy Credentialing Opportunities Online (COOL) program, Sailors can see their specialized training translate into credentialing, certification and/or licensure opportunities from a number of national boards and organizations.

Education Opportunities

As one of the most technologically superior forces in the world, America’s Navy puts a premium on education for its Sailors. That’s why the Navy has programs that can pay most, if not all, of the cost of earning all types of degrees. Click here to learn more.


Adventure seekers will get the rare opportunity to travel the world by joining America's Navy. With more than 100 ports of call around the globe and bases in multiple time zones, your options are endless.


You'll also get the chance to explore new places using your ample vacation time - flying standby on military flights around the world for a small fee and staying in base lodging around the world. You will have access to lodging at any military facility that has rooms available for military personnel and their families, usually at a cost much lower than you would find at a hotel. It all amounts to a lifetime of adventure and unforgettable memories made.


Navy personnel and their families can shop tax-free at military commissaries and exchanges in more than 100 locations worldwide. Exchanges offer the goods and services you’ll find in typical grocery and department stores. For more detailed information, read the Navy Exchange FAQ.


Enlisted Sailors and Officers will have access to free and low-cost recreational facilities on bases around the world, which offer everything from bowling alleys, to movie theaters, to gyms and private beaches.

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Servicemembers who remain on Active Duty or serve in the Reserves for a sufficient period of time may be eligible to receive retired pay.


If you decide to pursue your Navy career for at least 20 years, you’ll qualify for generous retirement pay, which increases the longer you serve. Use the military retirement calculator to see what you could earn, which would be added to the income you already receive from investments in your Thrift Savings Plan. Plus, you will continue to receive health benefits and on-base shopping privileges similar to those you enjoyed while on Active Duty.

To put it in perspective, by age 38 you could choose to retire from the Navy with a monthly paycheck for the rest of your life - freeing up time to travel, bond with family members or kickstart a new career.

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