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Science, Engineering & Nuclear Careers

A United States Navy Sailor uses a high-powered microscope to analyze a test sample while working in a laboratory aboard a ship.

Make groundbreaking discoveries

The Navy runs on scientific brilliance. Working with the most advanced tech and labs around the world, Sailors in science and military engineering jobs ensure the fleet has the most up-to-date information. These Sailors are at the forefront of technology and are always pushing the limit of what’s possible.

Encompassing Navy computer science jobs, nuclear operations, data science, engineering and organic sciences, a job in the field of fleet discovery promises you a groundbreaking career.

Push your education further with the Navy.

Within science and engineering, the Navy offers special education opportunities like the Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate (NUPOC) program and Civil Engineer Collegiate Program (CECP).

For many Officer roles in this field, you can get full pay and benefits while in college, have your college years count towards retirement, and be a full-time student with no military duties while in school.

Beyond this, the Navy offers a variety of educational assistance options, from scholarships to financial reimbursement and salary advances. Explore opportunities in NROTC, undergraduate, graduate and professional programs to determine what's best for you, or chat with a Recruiter to get the latest details.

For details about education for science and engineering careers, select the job below. You can also find more details about education opportunities for Enlisted Sailors or Officers here.

Pay and Benefits
Pay & Benefits
Get rewarded for being the best in your field.

Depending on your job, Navy pay and benefits will flex to fit your role. You can rely on regular promotions, pay increases and world-class benefits that rival any civilian employer. Many Sailors can even qualify for sign-on bonuses depending on their field. Every Sailor is guaranteed:

  • 30 days paid vacation
  • 100% health care coverage for you & your family
  • Tuition assistance & free college education
  • Housing stipends
  • Retirement savings & income

Many Officer roles in the science and engineering field receive a significant, immediate one-time sign-on bonus, plus an additional bonus when they complete training. While in college, Officers are eligible to receive full pay and benefits, have their college years count towards retirement and be a full-time student with no military duties.

Find out more about Navy pay and benefits now.

Reserve Opportunities
Reserve Opportunities
Work with advanced tech comfortably from your hometown.

There are part-time Navy Reserve opportunities for Enlisted Sailors and Officers in science and engineering jobs. You can keep many of your full-time benefits while serving only one weekend a month and two weeks a year for annual training. As a Navy Reserve Sailor or Officer, you will defend and support America’s Navy without disrupting your life in the civilian world.

To find out what the exact Reserve requirements are for the career you’re interested in, select one of the jobs below to learn more.

Discover more about life in the Navy Reserve here.


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