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US Navy medical center in Naples, Italy.

Medical Centers

Leading the Way in Military Medicine

Medicine. Dentistry. Nursing. Medical services. The cornerstones of Navy Health Care are administered from clinics, hospitals, ships, training centers and mobile humanitarian relief stations across the United States and throughout the world. So whether you want to stay close to home to practice your profession or go beyond the traditional boundaries, Navy Health Care has an ideal setting for you.

Naval Medical Center San Diego (NMCSD) staff stand at parade rest during a monthly awards ceremony coinciding with morning colors at NMCSD's flag pole.

Some call it world-class health care. We call it an unprecedented opportunity. Naval Medical Centers have earned a reputation over the years for quality medicine, exceptional capabilities, unrivaled teamwork, state-of-the-art facilities, revolutionary technology and cutting-edge research. They are located on both the East and West Coasts, highlighted by the centers in Bethesda, Md., Portsmouth, Va., and San Diego, Calif.

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

Once known as the Naval Medical Center Bethesda and the "Flagship of Navy Medicine," the Base Realignment and Closure Commission changed this famous hospital from a Navy hospital to a hospital that serves all the military. And gave it a new name. Located in Bethesda, Maryland, it's one of the nation’s largest and most renowned military medical centers. It has cared for war heroes and presidents for nearly 70 years. Even though the name has changed, its reputation as a symbol of quality health care will not.

Naval Medical Center Portsmouth

Located in Virginia, it has the distinction of being the oldest hospital in the U.S. Navy and the most modern. It has a reputation for embracing new technology without forsaking the human touch. A high-quality state-of-the-art facility, it was named a “Center of Excellence” by a joint commission that applied the highest standards of performance.

Naval Medical Center San Diego 

On the West Coast, this renowned hospital is a thriving hub of military health care. It evolved from its humble origins as a tent dispensary in 1917 to the current technologically advanced facility. Through it all, its mission has remained constant: to provide the finest medical care available.

The US Military Sealift Command (MSC) Hospital Ship USNS Mercy (T-AH 19) sets sail from Singapore after a four-week stay in the Philippines.

The USNS Mercy and the USNS Comfort are unique platforms of health care delivery with reputations rivalling the Navy's famed medical centers. Built from converted supertankers, these huge ships are true floating hospitals – with up to 1,000 beds and a crews of 1,200 each. Their missions continue to ranged from operations serving the Fleet to humanitarian relief worldwide.

Learn more about the mission of Navy Hospital Ships.

Still more health-care facilities are available stateside and abroad in a variety of settings:


Leading-edge hospitals are standard working environments for all health-care personnel. But in the Navy, you may work at a hospital in Okinawa, Japan; Naples, Italy; Rota, Spain; or in any of dozens of other global locations.


Navy medical clinics are as versatile as they are widespread. Much like a doctor’s office, clinics serve as small, primary care facilities for active servicemembers, their families and retirees. Medical personnel handle general/internal medicine or pediatrics, and may even perform outpatient procedures that don’t require an overnight stay. In addition, there may be a specialty clinic facility.

Medical clinics are based on or near Navy bases/ports, so you may work anywhere from London, England, to Kaneohe, Hawaii.

Surface Ships

Most ships have some type of medical facility and support professionals on board. That means you could be practicing anywhere the Navy Fleet goes.

Aircraft Squadrons

Each squadron typically has a Navy Medical Officer, known as a Flight Surgeon, and several enlisted Hospital Corpsmen (HM). When not deployed with the squadron, medical personnel usually work at clinics or hospitals near their assigned duty station.

Fleet Marine Force

Here’s your chance to work side by side with the Marines in support of Marine Corps missions and assignments – doing what you do best on the go and in the field.

Additional Facilities

Nine Continental United States (CONUS) Naval Hospitals

Seven Outside the Continental United States (OCONUS) Naval Hospitals

Eight CONUS Naval Health Clinics

Two OCONUS Naval Health Clinics

119 Branch Medical Clinics

Six CONUS Dental Clinics

Two OCONUS Dental Clinics

Six CONUS Research Commands

Three OCONUS Research Commands

Five DoD Health Care Schools